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Voigtmann will be heading the bill and taking over the Mint Warehouse Loft for an extended 3 hour set. After following his career for a long time we are honoured to bring him up North for this special occasion. We also have the extremely talented local boys Nikol & Joe Howey who will be warming up the dance-floor for the late hours.

Claus Voigtmann started his career out as the co-founder of London's most underground and conceptual party, Toi.Toi.Musik. With sublime dedication to DJing and music production Voigtmann had patiently acquired the respect of his peers in what is considered to be remarkable achievements in such a short time.

As a consequence, his career started taking him around the world - touring Japan, North and South America etc. Voigtmann is an artist with an ever-increasing catalogue of knowledge, taste, and skill, providing what appears to be a long road ahead of him. Claud is highly appreciative of the art of mixing and in love with his vinyl. An architect, designer, Dj and electronic music producer he is fearless and de ant to trends and hype.

There is no such way to describe what Claus produces when behind the decks, only that its intelligence and musical ability is always prominent. Coming from a punk band background, he rocks his sets with that certain punk attitude and never ceases to move the floor. Groove and funk are ever present.

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